🌟 Exciting News from STEM in Action! 🚀

We’re thrilled to share the details of our two game-changing intellectual outputs:

📚 Output 1: Free Online Courses

  • Crafted for preschool, primary, and branch teachers 🍎🌿
  • Packed with knowledge and skills to elevate STEM education 🧠🔬
  • Earn a certificate upon completion 🎓
  • Informed by a thorough STEM awareness survey and SWOT analysis 📊

🌍 Output 2: Curriculum & Materials

  • Designed for educators and students in our partner countries 🌏👩‍🏫
  • Tailored resources for preschool, primary, and branch levels 📈🎒
  • Accessible in various languages for global reach 🌐🗣️
  • These materials will enrich our online courses, fostering innovative approaches to STEM education 🚀🌟

Join us in shaping the future of STEM education and empower teachers and students worldwide with the tools they need to succeed! Together, we’ll make a lasting impact. 🌎🌠 #STEMinAction #STEMEducation

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