2. STEM Trainer Training Curriculum

The STEM Trainer Training Curriculum

As part of the STEM in Action project, our second significant intellectual output entails the creation of a comprehensive curriculum and a rich repository of STEM education materials. These resources have been meticulously crafted to benefit both educators and students within the education faculties of our partner countries.

The curriculum materials have been thoughtfully categorized into three distinct groups: one designed for preschool education, another tailored for primary school, and the third catering to specialized branches of study. These materials are intended for integration into the modules of our online courses, with the overarching goal of equipping our target audiences with innovative approaches to STEM education.

Development of these materials is a collaborative effort involving our partnership organizations. They will be shared among partner countries, fostering a cooperative and cross-border approach to enriching STEM education. Furthermore, to ensure maximum accessibility, these curriculum materials will be made available in various languages, facilitating their use by a wide range of teachers and students.

Our aim is to make these valuable resources accessible to as many educators and learners as possible, thereby driving forward the quality and reach of STEM education on a global scale.