1. Online STEM Trainer Training Courses

Introduction to Online STEM Trainer Training Courses

Within the STEM in Action project, the initial intellectual output revolves around the implementation of STEM awareness surveys and SWOT analysis during the project’s design phase. These surveys were conducted among both teachers and students to gauge the existing landscape of STEM education and practices within our target audience.

The outcomes of these surveys illuminated a keen interest among participants in acquiring STEM education; however, they highlighted a conspicuous gap in access to information and resources. The SWOT analysis conducted subsequently identified valuable opportunities for enhancement, forming the basis for innovative module development within the project’s scope.

These modules have been meticulously crafted to cater to three distinct target groups: preschool teachers, primary school teachers, and branch teachers. Notably, they have been curated by expert teams from Tarsus University, the University of Paderborn, and Munster Technological University, respectively. Importantly, these modules will be made available at no cost, and participants will receive a certificate of completion issued by the respective university upon successful course conclusion.

The content of these modules spans a wide array of topics, including STEM education and applications, engineering design, and robotic applications. To enhance accessibility and engagement, the online courses have been designed to be flexible and collaborative, enabling teachers to learn at their own pace and convenience.

The coordination of intellectual outputs and project activities will be efficiently distributed among our consortium partners, each contributing their specific expertise to ensure the project’s success and impact.