8th of November 2023

The Multiplier Event held in Paderborn on November 8th primarily targeted teachers across all school levels. Additionally, educators, prospective teachers, learners, researchers, and representatives from non-governmental organizations also benefited from the project. The event attracted a diverse audience, including educators, teacher trainees, stakeholders, and individuals interested in and outside educational institutions. This inclusive gathering successfully fostered a dynamic environment, encouraging engagement and collaboration among teachers, teacher trainees, stakeholders, and other participants within the educational community.

During the STEMinAction Multiplier Event on #GermanySTEMday, participants engaged in a dynamic discussion about the project’s objectives and methodologies. The aims of STEMinAction, focusing on enhancing STEM education across various levels, resonated positively with the diverse group. The presentation of intellectual outcomes garnered appreciation for the valuable resources and materials generated by the project. Attendees actively contributed to discussions on the definition of a curriculum, laying the groundwork for exploring the STEM-in-Action Curriculum. Exploration of the approach principles revealed a student-centered and interdisciplinary nature, generating enthusiasm among participants. Positive feedback was shared regarding the potential impact on fostering holistic learning experiences. The meeting delved into the teaching principles, emphasizing hands-on activities, real-world applications, and collaborative learning. Participants expressed eagerness to implement the STEM-in-Action Curriculum in their educational contexts. The event concluded on a highly positive note, with a sense of shared success and achievement among participants. The collaborative and interactive nature of the discussions contributed to the overall positive atmosphere of the STEMinAction Multiplier Event.

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